Want to host an ENLS Course at your institution?

If an Institution has a faculty member certified in ENLS, and they also complete the Train-the-Trainer course and accompanying requirements, Institutions can provide live classroom training for ENLS. To do this, an Institution must first complete the ENLS Course Request Form and return to the NCS Executive Office. The request will be reviewed and responded to within a 2-3 week period. Pricing will vary depending on the number of individuals anticipated in the training session. If there are more than 25, reduced group pricing applies.The responsibilities of the host institution when offering classroom training for ENLS, and NCS’s responsibilities, are highlighted in the Host Organizer Agreement which needs to be signed by both parties. When reviewing this document, you will see that the Host Organizer is financially responsible for hosting the ENLS training session and provides the promotion of the course, meeting space, participants, AV, etc. NCS provides the course access codes for students, and those codes are distributed to the participants via the course director. Codes are valid for one full calendar year. Once redeemed, participants have one additional year to complete the course. 

Live Course Forms

Host Agreement  *Required for all courses
Leadership Policy
ENLS Accreditation

Before sending, please be sure all of your trainers are listed on the Certified Trainer Roster. If not, please have them review the steps to become a trainer here. Once complete, please send to us at ENLS@neurocriticalcare.org. 

Current Certified Trainer Roster

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