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Since its release, over 200 ENLS live courses have been offered in 30 states and 22 countries! 

The live ENLS course is an instructor-led training session that offers a robust introduction to each course topic through instructor-led classroom training. Participants who attend a live course experience an interactive environment and have the opportunity to engage with peers and draw on the expertise of faculty to further enhance the learning experience.  



Who typically hosts a live course?
Live courses have been hosted by healthcare organizations, academic institutions, and professional organizations.

How long does a course last?
The material can be covered in as little as four hours, or as many as two days. It is entirely up to the organizer(s) to decide.
Who teaches the course?
Live courses are taught by certified ENLS trainers. Protocol for becoming a trainer is outlined here, and includes being current in ENLS certification and NCS membership, as well as completion of the Train the Trainer course. Faculty may be recruited from previously certified trainers within an institution, or they may be identified by searching the ENLS trainer roster
How much does it cost?
Pricing of ENLS courses is outlined here, and includes the following:
  • Two-year certification
  • Online access to course materials, including supporting manuscripts, protocols, checklists, and slide decks for each of the 14 modules
  • Up to 15 continuing education hours

Reduced group pricing is available for classrooms of 25 or more participants. Reduced pricing is also available for countries designated Group A or B by the World Bank.

Are additional course materials available for purchase?
Yes. the following items are available for purchase in the NCS store:

What are the host organizer's responsibilities?

The host organizer represents the hosting organization and is responsible for the following:

  • Procurement of course venue
  • Procurement of course faculty (and payment of faculty expenses, if applicable)
  • Arrangement for all necessary course equipment (e.g., screen, projector, microphone, and internet access, etc.) 
  • Registration of course participants
  • Payment for each course participant (NCS will invoice the hosting institution)
I'm ready to host a course. What next?

If you are interested in hosting a live ENLS course, please start by filling out our Host Agreement, which will serve as a contract between the hosting institution and NCS. Once complete, please send to us. We will get back to you within 1-3 business days, letting you know the approximate time frame for course approval and next steps. 

I have more questions!
You may also want to check out our Live Course FAQs. Then, contact us, and we'll help you get your course on the calendar!


Some live courses will require NCS leadership. If a course is (1) affiliated with a professional organization or conference event, and attendance is expected to be >25 participants, and/or (2) hosted by an institutional or professional organization for the first time and is in a country outside of the United States, NCS requires that the course have at least one member of NCS leadership in attendance as course faculty. Contact us for more information.



Before the course

2-6 months: Secure the course venue and faculty; complete Host Agreement and submit to NCS for approval, which can take 1-3 weeks.

2 months: Order materials through NCS (if applicable).

2 weeks: Submit approximate number of attendees to NCS; receive access code(s).

1 day: Submit late registrant numbers to NCS; receive additional access code(s).