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ENLS Recertification

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) certification is valid for two years. Certification can be renewed by completing the ENLS Recertification Course. This course includes medical updates and module additions to the manuscripts and protocols. 

In the online recertification course, there are supporting manuscripts, protocols and checklists, slide decks, and an examination for each of the 14 modules. Upon successful completion of the 14 exams, individuals are eligible for up to eight continuing education hours, and two-year renewal of their ENLS certification. Individuals retain access to their ENLS accounts and course materials for the duration of their certification.

ENLS Recertification Course Pricing

United States &
Non-Group A or B
Group A Countries    
Group B Countries


      $210       $175    

      $105       $85       $30
      $70       $60       $15


Groups of 25 or more total participants or 5 or more residents/students/fellows qualify for 50% discount.

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