ENLS for Residency Programs

Through participation in the ENLS course, residents will gain critical exposure to a comprehensive discussion of high yield neurological emergencies. The learning modules are presented in a clear and concise manner and are supported by treatment algorithms and evidence based peer reviewed parent manuscripts. The course addresses numerous cognitive residency milestones, many of which have previously proven challenging to address in standard training curricula. The credentialing process allows for objective assessment and documentation of trainee competence.

ACGME Milestones and ENLS Overlap

The following tables demonstrate how ENLS helps fulfill numerous ACGME milestones in the specialties of Neurology, Neurological Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology. This will allow you to view each milestone and the corresponding overlap of ENLS modules that are addressed in the course.


ACGME-ENLS Neurology Milestones
ACGME-ENLS Neurological Surgery Milestones
ACGME-ENLS Emergency Medicine Milestones
ACGME-ENLS Anesthesiology Milestones


Residency programs are eligible for a reduced course price of $50 per resident. There is a minimum of five seats required to receive special pricing. Please complete the form and indicate the number of seats you would like below. Hit the submit button to place your order. Once NCS has reviewed your order, you will be contacted by email with an invoice for the total amount due. When NCS receives your payment, you will be provided with account information so you can access your course codes. Access codes are good for one year from the date of purchase. For more information, contact NCS at ENLS@neurocriticalcare.org.

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