ENLS Version 2.0


The ENLS Version 2.0 book, published in October of 2015, contains the updated ENLS manuscripts. The revised version of ENLS maintains its aim to provide guidance for management of patients with emergent neurologic conditions. This latest version has expanded upon the multi-disciplinary approach to algorithm creation and has integrated new science and lessons learned from the original version into the new protocols. ENLS is appropriate and relevant for all types of providers practicing in a diverse array of settings. 

The revisions include guideline based content updates and new pre-hospital and pediatric care sections for each module. The updated version also includes a new chapter, “Emergency Neurological Life Support: Pharmacotherapy”, which addresses pharmacologic challenges and considerations for the acute neurologically injured patient. These additions are intended to improve the clinical utility and applicability of the resource for a broader set of providers. 

The ENLS Version 2.0 manuscripts are collated and available in a bound, print version. The book is 167 pages with color figures printed on glossy paper. This course companion is available for $50 per individual copy. Reduced pricing is available for group purchases. For bulk purchases of 5-24 copies, you receive 20% off, and for 25 or more copies you receive 30% off.