Patient and Family Information & Resource Guide

PatientFamily Info GuideNot only are the first hours of a patient’s neurological emergency critical to the patient, it is a time of fear and anxiety for the families. The Neurocritical Care Society’s Patient/ Family Information Resource Guide will provide important education on the Neurocritical care environment including:

  • An overview of the Neurocritical care setting to help families adjust to this unfamiliar place
  • The members of the Neurocritical care team that will be engaged with providing care to their loved one
  • A description of the various diseases treated in the Neurocritical care setting to provide an introduction to the medical situation and a starting point for further research
  • Links to valuable patient and family resources where they can turn for more information

Patient and Family Brochure Translation

The NCS Patient Family Brochure has been translated. Click on the link below to download the printable PDF in your desired language.