Endorsed Meetings

Neurotrauma Course
        October 16-19, 2017


45th SNACC Annual Meeting

         October 19-20, 2017
         Boston, MA

7th Congress of Neurological Intensive Care

        October 19-22, 2017
        Konya, Turkey

4th International Symposium on Collaterals to the Brain
        October 31 - November 2, 2017
        Los Angeles, CA

SVIN 10th Annual Meeting and Annual Stroke Center Workshop

     November 8-11, 2017
     Boston, MA

IV International Neurocritical Care Symposium

         November 21-24, 2017
         Quito, Ecuador

Miami Neuro Symposium, Sixth Annual
Inaugural Miami Brain Symposium
Miami Neuro Nursing Symposium, Fifth Annual
       November 30 - December 2, 2017
       Miami, FL

7th Annual Neurocritical Care Symposium

       January 26-27, 2018
       Philadelphia, PA

Mayo Clinic Cerebrovascular Update & Controversies: Neurology and Neurosurgery

    March 23-24, 2018 
    Las Vegas, NV

4th Annual Mayo Clinic Neuro and Intensive Care: Review and Hands-on Workshops 2018
         May 10-12, 2018
         Orlando, Florida

How to have your meeting endorsed

NCS is committed to promoting medical education and the exchange of scientific information in order to support our primary mission -- improving care for patients with life-threatening brain injuries. In addition, NCS is committed to promoting collaboration between medical specialties, and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world.

To this end, NCS will actively endorse medical meetings that are consistent with the vision and mission of the society and will partner with other medical societies and organizations in order to create scientific and educational meetings that pertain to neurocritical care. The two levels of involvement are endorsement and joint sponsorship.

Please review our full policy: NCS Policy Meeting Endorsement and Joint Sponsorship

International Meeting Endorsement

One of the aims of the NCS is promotion of collaboration between medical specialties and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world who share the NCS mission and values. In practical terms, this translates to endorsement of medical meetings and partnership with other medical societies and organizations in order to create joint sessions and joint meetings.

Requirements and Procedures:

  • Review of the scientific program and mission.
  • The announcement of the meeting is listed on the NCS website, blast emails are sent out to all members.
  • An endorsed by NCS logo is placed in the meeting program and on the respective website home page including a live link to the NCS website.
  • A joint meeting sponsorship entails involvement of two or more NCS members in program development and presentations, equal funding for meeting and/or travel expenses sponsored by both partner organizations, and equal marketing efforts and visibility of society contributions.

This is a big step forward in international collaboration and serves the NCS as a worldwide platform for communication and team building. It also creates opportunities to help develop educational neurocritical care and research programs. Please contact the NCS at info@neurocriticalcare.org to discuss international collaboration, endorsement, and co-sponsorship of international meetings.