NCS members have the opportunity to indicate their interest in a committee through the annual Get Involved! campaign each year. If you have questions regarding a committee, their roster, or how to contact them, please send a request to

Advocacy Committee

Charge: To plan and conduct advocacy endeavors to promote the work of neurocritical care professionals, and to improve the general public’s knowledge and recognition of neurocritical care in fulfillment of the Neurocritical Care Society’s mission and vision.

Gregory Kapinos, MD, MS, Chair

Annual Meeting Committee

Charge: To plan the annual NCS meeting by coordinating the scientific program, review course, and obtaining speakers for all programs. The committee will work with the Fundraising Committee in an effort to raise funds, which will support the Annual Meeting.

Panos Varelas, MD, FNCS, Chair
Mark Wainwright,MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Susan Yeager, NP, RN, MS, CCRN, ACNP, FNCS, Co-Chair

Communications Committee

Charge: To disseminate news that is relevant to NCS members through the official NCS website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, email communications, and Currents – the quarterly news magazine of the NCS.

Casey May PharmD, Chair
Karen Berger, Chair-Elect, Chair-elect

Development Committee

Charge: To explore financial support opportunities for the Annual Meeting and beyond.

Jennifer Frontera, MD, FNCS, Chair
Keith Dombrowski, MD, Chair-elect

Educational Products Committee

Charge: To supervise the development and disseminate of publications and educational products of various types which are produced the NCS

Zafar Sahar, MD, Chair
Mehrnaz Pajoumand, PharmD, Co-Chair
Pat Blissitt, CNS, PhD, RN, Co-Chair elect

ENLS Committee

Charge: To expand the usage of the ENLS program, update and set up ENLS protocols, ensure the ENLS Moodle course exam questions are updated, and certification eligibility and compliance of ENLS.

George Lopez, MD, Chair
Sarah Peacock, APP, Co-Chair
Aimee Ayesenne, MD, Chair-elect

Ethics Committee

Charge: To broadly engage the ethical needs of the Neurocritical Care Society and its membership, making recommendations regarding appropriate ethical behavior, identifying areas of ethical complexity which require additional research or debate to clarify the ethical implications, selecting appropriate ethics-related content for inclusion in the Annual Meeting, educating members about ethical principles and practices within Neurocritical care through the development of guidelines and position statements when necessary, and to address all other ethical issues referred by the President, Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. In this role, The Ethics committee will serve as the conscience of the NCS and its membership.

Stephen Trevick, MD, Chair
Jamie LaBuzetta, MD, MSc, MPhil, Chair-elect

Finance Committee

Charge: To undertake critical functions of business operations and in the development of key financial initiatives for the society.

Sarah Livesay, Treasurer

FNCS Credentials Committee

Charge: To review all applications for Fellow of the Neurocritical Care Society (FNCS) and deciding if applicants meet criteria for this designation.

Maxwell Damian, MD, PhD, FNCS, Chair
John Lewin III, PharmD, MBA, FNCS, Chair-elect

Guidelines Committee

Charge: To obtain diversity among the identified topic experts to facilitate a thorough review of the available evidence. Guidelines produced through the efforts of this committee will be based on the best current medical evidence and expert opinions.

Lori Madden, CNS, NP, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN, CNRN, Co-Chair
Herbert Fried, Co-Chair
Theresa Human, BCPS, FNCS, PharmD, Chair-elect
Venkatakrishna Rajajee, MD, Chair-elect

Inclusion in Neurocritical Care Committee (INCC)

Charge: Enhance leadership and research opportunities for individuals underrepresented in neurocritical care; Develop strategies to expand outreach and explicitly identify qualified individuals of diverse backgrounds to serve and thrive in the Society; Collect membership diversity demographic data with a goal of 30% complete demographic collection the first year; Use the above to drive key metrics for underrepresented individuals and establish benchmarks to track year-over-year improvements; Establish with the NCRC the infrastructure to study disparities in healthcare for underrepresented neurocritically ill patients

Deepa Malaiyandi, MD, Chair

Membership Committee

Charge: Recruitment of society members and ensuring the retention of these members through the offering of services that meet their needs. The committee advises the President and the board on membership policies and oversees programs for the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members. The committee assists in interpreting, informing and implementing board policy as it relates to membership. The committee provides advice and recommendations relating to the development of each year’s operating plan and budget on matters related to the committee’s jurisdiction.

Paul Vespa, MD, FCCM, FAAN, FNCS, FANA, Chair

Nominating Committee

Charge: Responsible for ensuring the NCS Board of Directors has multidisciplinary representation

Mary Kay Bader, JRN, MSN, CCNS, FNCS, FAHA, Chair

Quality Committee

Navaz Karanjia, MD, Chair
Abhijit Lele, MD, MSCR, Chair-elect

Training Committee

Angela Shapshak, MD, Chair

Neurocritical Care Research Central (NCRC)

The mission of NCRC is to support and coordinate research initiatives within NCS, foster collaborative research among various facets of the society and represent NCS when interacting with outside research networks and professional societies.

NCRC Co-Directors

Javier Provencio, MD, PhD
Wendy Ziai, MD

Research Operations Subcommittee

Sherry Chou, MD, MSc, FNCS, Co-Chair
Molly McNett, PhD, RN, Co-Chair

Grants Subcommittee

Wendy Ziai, MD, Chair
Marion Buckwalter, MD, Chair-elect

Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) Subcommittee

Daiwai Olson, RN, PhD, Co-Chair 
Claude Hemphill, MD, PhD, Co-Chair

Annual Meeting Translational Science Session Subcommittee

Victoria McCredie, MBBCh, Co-Chair
Guido Falcone, MD, ScD, MPH, Co-Chair