Sections are an exclusive member resource for special interest groups to engage in discussion and the sharing of resources. Each section listed below has one or two chairs that oversee a section leadership team. Section leadership teams are chosen directly from the overall section's membership based on participation and willingness to volunteer. If you have questions regarding a section or how to contact the leadership team, please send the request to You can join a section here.

Advanced Practice Provider Section

Charge: To address the needs of Advanced Practice Providers within the Society and help them strengthen their positions at their institutions and enhance the educational experience and quality of training.

Ana Kukulj, NP, Co-Chair
Ebonye Green, NP, FNCS, Co-Chair

Fellowship Directors Section

Charge: To engage discussion and share resources among the fellowship directors within NCS.

Atul Kalanuria, MD, Co-Chair
Sarah Wahlster, FNCS, Co-Chair

Nursing Section

Charge: To grow, strengthen, and diversify the nursing voice within NCS.

Catrice Nakamura, RN, Co-Chair
Pat Blissitt, RN, PhD, CCRN, CCNS, Co-Chair

Pediatric Section

Charge: To grow, strengthen, and diversify the pediatric voice within NCS.

Michelle Schober, MD, Chair

Pharmacy Section

Charge: To grow, strengthen, and diversify the pharmacy voice within NCS.

Jeffrey Mucksavage, PharmD, FNCS, Chair
Leslie Hamilton, PharmD, FNCS, Chair-Elect

Trainee Section

Charge: To plan and conduct advocacy endeavors to promote the work of neurocritical care professionals, and to improve the general public’s knowledge and recognition of neurocritical care in fulfillment of the Neurocritical Care Society’s mission and vision.

Naomi Niznick, MD, Chair
Shweta Goswami, MD, Chair-Elect

Quality Improvement (QI) Section

Charge: The Quality Improvement Section will work with the NCS leadership and Executive Office to identify areas of potential improvement for delivery of quality healthcare for the neuro critically ill patient population, and means by which to measure progress in such areas.

Abhijit Lele, MD, Chair
Casey Olm-Shipman, MD, Chair-Elect