NCS Staff


Neurocritical Care Society

330 N Wabash Ave. Suite 2000
Chicago IL 60611
Phone: (312) 321-5159
For general inquiries, please contact

Admin Staff

Sharon Allen, Executive Director, 312-673-4931
Tissy Greene, Operations Manager, 312-673-4812 
Jessica Scott, Annual Meeting Education Manager, 312-673-4976
Allie Mandel, Annual Meeting Education Coordinator, 312-673-5612
Clare Brennan, Operations Associate, 312-673-5467


Becca Stickney, Director of Programs, 952-377-8806                    
Sara Memmen, Education Projects Manager, 952-377-8825
Angel Gindele, Education and Communications Associate, 952-855-8824
Marc Cain, Education Coordinator, 952-300-9502

Sales Services

Jenny Shupe, Sales Manager, 312-673-5742

Event Services

Erin DeFouw, Events Manager
Kelly Sapp, Events Manager
Nicole McKenna, Events Coordinator

Marketing and Communications

Jennifer Kasowicz, Marketing Director
Kelly Rehan, Editorial Manager
Hannah Durnas, Marketing Manager
Stefanie Rozner, Marketing Associate