A Bibliometric Analysis of the Most Cited Articles in Neurocritical Care Research

NCJ_cover.jpgBy Miguel Bertelli Ramos, Edwin Koterba, Jefferson Rosi Júnior, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo

First Online: 13 May 2019

Bibliometric analyses may indicate the most active journals, authors, countries, institutions and specialties by evaluating the most cited articles in a given research field. To the authors’ knowledge, there is no bibliometric analysis regarding neurocritical care research. Thus, the aim of this study is to analyze and to provide a scope of the current scientific production in this area. The 100 most cited articles in the neurocritical care research were retrieved from the research “(neurocritical) AND (care)” in the Scopus database. The variables collected and included in this analysis were: number of citations, article title, first author’s name, year and journal of publication and its impact factor (IF), specialty, affiliation and country of the corresponding author at the time of publication, and category of the article. Also, these variables were assessed for primary research only. The articles were published in 34 different journals from 1995 to 2017, with a mean citation number of 109.36, ranging from 44 to 540. Neurocritical Care (23 articles in top 100 and 2190 citations, IF = 3.163) and Critical Care Medicine (20 articles and 2896 citations in top 100, IF = 6.630) were the journals with the greatest number of articles and citations, respectively. Neurocritical Care also had the highest number of primary research papers (15 articles, accounting for 850 citations). Excepting one article from Asia (Singapore) and one from Oceania (Australia), all the other 98 papers were from North America (67) or Europe (31). United States was the country with most articles (60, 35 primary research) and citations (6115) among the top 100. Columbia University (11 articles, being 7 primary research, and 915 citations) was the institution with the highest number of articles and primary research articles in top 100, whereas University of Heidelberg (6 articles and 1220 citations) was the most cited institution. Neurology was the specialty with the greatest number of publications in top 100 and the most cited one (57 articles and 5983 citations). The first author with the greatest number of publications as well as primary research articles was A. I. Qureshi (5 articles, being 4 primary research, and 660 citations), while the most cited was K. H. Polderman (2 articles and 749 citations). Fifty-nine publications were primary and 41 secondary research. Among primary research, treatment/management was the most frequent and most cited topics (33 articles and 4172 citations). To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first bibliometric analysis regarding neurocritical care research. Our findings suggest that the neurocritical care research field is more prominent in North America and Europe, more frequently published in specific critical care journals and after 1994. The most discussed topic was related to treatment and/or management within neurocritical care.

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