Impact of Sleep Deprivation in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit: A Narrative Review

NCJ_cover.jpgBy Victoria A. Chang, Robert L. Owens, Jamie N. LaBuzetta

First Online: 13 August 2019

Sleep is fundamental for everyday functioning, yet it is often negatively impacted in critically ill patients by the intensive care setting. With a focus on the neurological intensive care unit (NeuroICU), this narrative review summarizes methods of measuring sleep and addresses common causes of sleep disturbance in the hospital including environmental, pharmacological, and patient-related factors. The effects of sleep deprivation on the cardiovascular, pulmonary, immune, endocrine, and neuropsychological systems are discussed, with a focus on short-term deprivation in critically ill populations. Where evidence is lacking in the literature, long-term sleep deprivation studies and the effects of sleep deprivation in healthy individuals are also referenced. Lastly, strategies for the promotion of sleep in the NeuroICU are presented.

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