Brain abscess complicating venous ischemic stroke: a rare occurrence

By Monique Boukobza
First Online: 13 August 2020

A previously healthy 52-year-old right-handed man experienced a 7-day history of frontal headaches and abrupt onset of two episodes of right-hand weakness, lasting 5–10 min each speech difficulties and right partial motor seizures.

At admission, he presented with motor deficit of the right hand and slight hypoesthesia of the right superior limb. He was afebrile, and the clinical examination was otherwise normal. Non-contrast and post-contrast brain CT showed a hypodensity in the left parietal and temporal lobe and a delta sign in the superior sagittal sinus (SSS), respectively. Brain MRI showed an area of hyperintensity on axial fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) in the left parietal lobe with diffusion restriction (Fig. 1a, b), and T2* sequence showed signs of SSS and left frontal cortical vein thrombosis (Fig. 1c).

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