Comment on “Temporal Dynamics of ICP, CPP, PRx, and CPPopt in High-Grade Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and the Relation to Clinical Outcome”

By Ricard Mellado-Artigas
First Online: 22 March 2021

I have read with great interest the article by Svedung Wettervik et al. [1] published in this journal. This research represents an outstanding contribution to the neurointensive care community, which aims to improve patient care in aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhage. The authors collected data on daily intracranial pressure (ICP), mean arterial blood pressure (MAP), and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) values, among other physiological variables, displayed their temporal trends, and assessed their relationship to 1-year outcome in a large cohort of individuals.

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