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Brain Death Toolkit

The Brain Death Toolkit includes a variety of helpful resources and educational offerings, including instructional videos, webinars and web-based courses. It also provides a sample brain death policy and checklist, which may be used as a template for adoption at individual institutions/hospitals. We provide resources to explain the pitfalls and challenges in brain death determination, and have also included Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), both for medical practitioners and the general public.

This content was developed by the NCS Brain Death Task Force as an educational tool and not as a guideline or a policy. The principles of this content are based on the AAN guideline which are generally accepted by the NCS as valid and appropriate. Practitioners should refer to local ordinances that apply to the diagnosis of death in the regions in which they practice.

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NCS Podcast Series

This comprehensive series of podcasts consists of interviews with authors of impactful articles from the Neurocritical Care Journal. The podcasts will be released around the time of the NCS Twitter Journal Club. Together, the NCS Twitter Journal Club and the NCS Podcast Series will provide the listener with an in-depth exploration of hot topics in neurocritical care. We hope you will subscribe to the NCS Podcast series, which will be available on NCS OnDemand, and wherever you may listen to your podcasts.

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The Pharmacotherapy of Neurocritial Care Series (PONS) is a curriculum based eLearning series comprised of various neuropharmacotherapy topics presented by experts in the field of neurocritical care. The target audience includes individuals practicing in all medical disciplines, particularly those who are interested in furthering their neuropharmacotherapy knowledge. This series can be used to update or refresh primary providers on the topic, or be utilized to facilitate topic discussions among trainees. Each session includes a library of annotated references used during the presentation.

For a quick, printable reference, please click here to open our PONS pamphlet. This pamphlet includes details regarding who can benefit from the PONS, details regarding each presentation, information about continuing education credits, and more.

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Neurocritical Care Society Nursing Resources (N-Case)

The N-Case is a complimentary section of NCS OnDemand that features nursing-related resources for healthcare professionals working in the field of neurocritical care.

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Neurocritical Care ON CALL 

Neurocritical Care ON CALL is a subscription-based online resource comprised of content dedicated solely to the practice of neurocritical care. Featuring over 15 topics, with a new topic release each month in 2018, Neurocritical Care ON CALL is applicable to physicians, pharmacists, APPs, nurses, and trainees. The content is enriched by a variety of additional features including case studies, videos, monthly webinars, podcasts, and more. 

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