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The Pocket Guide to Neurocritical Care 

The Pocket Guide to Neurocritical Care serves as a valuable tool for practitioners at the bedside, including trainees, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and advanced practice providers, whether in the Emergency Department setting, Medical or Surgical ICU, or Neurocritical Care Unit. Concise, high-yield chapters address topics such as: examination of comatose patients, ischemic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, neurotrauma, management of elevated intracranial pressure, and more! High-resolution images and detailed tables provide important information in an easy to understand format. This collaboration of pioneers and leaders in the field of neurocritical care is an irreplaceable resource in the acute management of patients with neurologic critical illness.

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ENLS Version 3.0 Manuscript 

The purpose of the Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) course is focused on improving care during the first hours of contact for patients with acute neurological emergencies. The structure of the ENLS course is based on the concept that a standardized approach to diagnosis, stabilization, and early work up and management will improve functional outcomes for these patients. Special attention is placed on the timely collection of relevant data which can be communicated effectively to consultants from the emergency department setting. The 14 ENLS modules span a broad range of neurologic emergencies and include modules detailing aspects of general emergency medicine and critical care that need to be specifically tailored to the patient with acute nervous system illness or injury. The ENLS modules present a stepwise approach to early clinical care and each module contains an initial algorithm, a checklist of important clinical points and a list of information needed for communication to improve transitions across care settings.

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The Practice of Neurocritical Care Textbook

The Practice of Neurocritical Care, by the Neurocritical Care Society, represents a new approach to medical textbooks. This book includes a range of topics, many of which have been discussed at prior Neurocritical Care Society annual meetings, with current and expanded content, tables, figures, and critical references. This offering is authored and published exclusively by physician, nursing, and pharmacy leaders in the field who represent the Neurocritical Care Society, the first and largest multidisciplinary international medical society focused on neurocritical care. This textbook can be used as part of the preparation for the neurocritical care certification examination, or for the neurocritical care portion of the boards for neurology, neurosurgery, or other critical care specialties. But beyond this, we believe it is valuable to any practitioner interested in a current update on Neurocritical Care from experts in the field.

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Patient/Family Information & Resource Guide

Not only are the first hours of a patient’s neurological emergency critical to the patient, it is a time of fear and anxiety for the families. The Neurocritical Care Society’s Patient/ Family Information Resource Guide will provide important education on the Neurocritical care environment including:
  •  An overview of the Neurocritical care setting to help families adjust to this unfamiliar place
  • The members of the Neurocritical care team that will be engaged with providing care to their loved one
  • A description of the various diseases treated in the Neurocritical care setting to provide an introduction to the medical situation and a starting point for further research
  • Links to valuable patient and family resources where they can turn for more information

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