Endorsed Meetings


9th Annual Jefferson Neurocritical Care Symposium – Featuring Case-Based Practical Workshops
February 28-29. 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

2020 Inova Neurocritical Care Conference
Friday, March 13, 2020
Fairfax, Virginia

8th Annual Neuro ICU Symposium
April 1-3, 2020
Houston, Texas

April 2-6, 2020
*NCS members receive a discount code. Please reach out to info@neurocriticalcare.org for more information.
Click here to download the meeting program. 

North/Central American Regional Chapter Meeting
Panamanian Association of Critical Medicine and Intensive Therapy
April 14-18, 2020
Latin American Congress of Intensive Care Nurses & the Panamanian Society of Respiratory Therapy

EURONEURO 2020 | Spring in Paris
April 22-24, 2020
Palais des Congrès d‘Issy-les-moulineaux, FRANCE

17th Annual Critical Care Symposium  and 10th Ultrsaound in Acute Care Workshop
April 23rd-24th 2020
Manchester, UK

6th Annual Neuro and Intensive Care: Review, Workshops and Controversies 2020
May 7-9, 2020
Orlando, Florida

Mid-Atlantic Neurocritical Care Symposium
May 21-22, 2020
Baltimore, Maryland

1st Annual iWIN Conference
June 25-27, 2020
Sicily, Italy

The International Neuroscience Nursing Research Symposium
August 22-23, 2020
Louisville, KY

2020 World Critical Care and Anethesiology Conference
September 8-9, 2020
Bangkok, Thailand

2020 World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference  
September 8-9, 2020
Bangkok, Thailand

How to Have Your Meeting Endorsed

NCS is committed to promoting medical education and the exchange of scientific information in order to support our primary mission -- improving care for patients with life-threatening brain injuries. In addition, NCS is committed to promoting collaboration between medical specialties, and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world.

To this end, NCS will actively endorse medical meetings that are consistent with the vision and mission of the society and will partner with other medical societies and organizations in order to create scientific and educational meetings that pertain to neurocritical care. The two levels of involvement are endorsement and joint sponsorship.

Please review our full policy: NCS Policy Meeting Endorsement and Joint Sponsorship

To request your meeting to be endorsed, please fill out the Meeting Endorsement Request Form and submit to info@neurocriticalcare.org.

International Meeting Endorsement

One of the aims of the NCS is promotion of collaboration between medical specialties and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world who share the NCS mission and values. In practical terms, this translates to endorsement of medical meetings and partnership with other medical societies and organizations in order to create joint sessions and joint meetings.

Requirements and Procedures:

  • Review of the scientific program and mission.
  • The announcement of the meeting is listed on the NCS website, blast emails are sent out to all members.
  • An endorsed by NCS logo is placed in the meeting program and on the respective website home page including a live link to the NCS website.
  • A joint meeting sponsorship entails involvement of two or more NCS members in program development and presentations, equal funding for meeting and/or travel expenses sponsored by both partner organizations, and equal marketing efforts and visibility of society contributions.

This is a big step forward in international collaboration and serves the NCS as a worldwide platform for communication and team building. It also creates opportunities to help develop educational neurocritical care and research programs. Please contact the NCS at info@neurocriticalcare.org to discuss international collaboration, endorsement, and co-sponsorship of international meetings.