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How Do Vacuum Cleaners Work?

In modern society, more and more people free themselves from chores. Cleaning jobs are the toughest activities that you have to do. Instead of hiring a cleaning service from outside, investing money to buy a vacuum cleaner is more economical. For handling a vacuum cleaner, it is indispensable to figure out how this device operates. This article will show you how a vacuum cleaner works.

1. Pressure

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that collects dirt into its dust bag. Let us imagine that a vacuum cleaner is a straw. When you suck your coffee or your drink through a straw, it creates a negative air pressure inside the straw. It is because the air pressure outside the straw is higher than the pressure inside.

A vacuum cleaner has the same structure as a straw. This machine uses suction power to suck up the debris. Air pressure is created through the hose pipe. It sucks up all the dust in the air into it.


2. Motor

Without a motor, there is no way to force a machine to perform effectively. Each machine has a motor for operation. And the power of machine is based on the power of its motor.

A vacuum cleaner has an electric motor. It is used to spin a fan and suck tiny particles and capture them and push to into a canister vacuum.

Though there is so much air into the confined space of a vacuum, it is constantly working without stopping. The reason is that the vacuum has a port which vents the air out of the opposite side.

3. Filter

A healthy and clean atmosphere is vital to our life. Without any air processing system, it is hard to have fresh air when vacuuming. If all the air captured in a canister goes through the other side directly without any handling process,that waste-air is harmful to those who are vacuuming. That is because they absorb all the dust they just collected. Therefore, a filter is attached in a vacuum. This filter is installed with the purpose of removing the dust to let the air out only after it is safe to breathe. All The Best Vacuum Cleaners use a High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter.

4. Attachments


The fact is that the power of a vacuum cleaner is not only determined by its motor’s power, but also by the size of its intake port and the suction part. If the size of the intake is smaller than the suction power, the vacuum cleaner works much better, since squeezing the same amount of air through a smaller port forces the air to move quicker. Most products of top vacuum cleaner brands design their intake port with a narrow size.


In conclusion, without a vacuum cleaner, cleaning jobs might not be done as frequently as today. And without a vacuum, our living environment might be a dirtier place. Buying a vacuum cleaner for your home is the perfect solution. Knowing how this machine works is even more better. The more we understand about how these machines operate, the more we can use and maintain them better.


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