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Expository Essay Writing And Interesting Topics for Students - 2021 Guide

Such essays are written by school and college students very frequently as their academic assignments. In order to make them become a good essay writer, their instructors and teachers assign such assignments on purpose. These essays allow a student to enhance their critical thinking and writing skills. 

For many students, writing essays is an exciting activity to do. But on the other hand, many students feel entirely disgusted when an essay writing assignment is assigned. They look for different ways they can avoid such assignments. 

The best and easiest option they avail of is to hire an essay writing service. Such writers are easily available online who are all good to help you out in case you also need assistance in this regard. 

Nevertheless, if you are going to handle your critical essay assignment yourself, then here are some interesting topics that might help you write a fascinating essay.



  • Analyze how is digital media supporting the concept of feminism in our society. 
  • Describe the common themes of the movies that are made these days. 
  • How people negatively use their sense of humor? 
  • What are the elements that make a good and captivating drama series?
  • Look at a high-school movie and examine which issue of the society it is discussing. 
  • Choose a blockbuster movie and analyze why it won the best picture award.
  • Choose your favorite reality TV series and examine it critically.
  • Discuss a popular reality game show and what makes it so popular and essay writer.
  • The elements that the US law system should incorporate to win in its war against drugs.

Before we move forward, you should know that if you think that you need assistance regarding your assignment, you can ask professionals to help you. You will simply need to put forward your “write my essay” query, and the rest is their job to do. 

  • Do you think rallies and protests are still effective? Share your personal experience. 
  • Discuss why obesity is still a problem for every other teenager today. 
  • What are the problems related to unhealthy eating habits? 
  • Is it possible for the US government to legalize the use of Marijuana in some states?
  • Discuss the fluctuations of the stock market and its side effects.
  • What are some of the benefits of Bitcoins and cryptocurrency? 
  • Discuss how students fail to spend their write my essay in a proper way. 
  • Discuss why historical figures portrayed in the movies are usually rude and arrogant. 
  • What are the common ideologies that you get to see in different historical movies?

Expository Essay Topics

Use the following topics and write an interesting essay. 

  • The concept of online voting. 
  • What are some serious consequences of alcohol addiction?
  • Benefits of gun control.
  • Healthy food leads to a better lifestyle. 
  • Explain heroism from different aspects. 
  • Define the concept of "Leaves of Grass."
  • Analyze how do secondary characters impact the theme of a play.
  • Describe how a higher export rate impacts a country’s economy. 
  • Causes and effects of being addicted to social networks.
  • The trend of Arabic tattoos. 
  • Why are Elon Musk’s inventions so superficial? 

Once you have chosen the topic, the next step is to conduct research on it and then start writing on it with the help of the collected data. 

You can avoid all this fuss by simply asking a professional to write my essay for me. This is the best option a student with a busy schedule can go for. 

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