Neurocritical Care

Top 10 Neurocritical Care Articles: October 2022

Guidelines for the Acute Treatment of Cerebral Edema in Neurocritical Care Patients

Aaron M. Cook, G. Morgan Jones, Gregory W. J. Hawryluk, Patrick Mailloux, Diane McLaughlin, Alexander Papangelou, Sophie Samuel, Sheri Tokumaru, Chitra Venkatasubramanian, Christopher Zacko, Lara L. Zimmermann, Karen Hirsch & Lori Shutter

Processed Electroencephalogram-Based Monitoring to Guide Sedation in Critically Ill Adult Patients: Recommendations from an International Expert Panel-Based Consensus

Frank A. Rasulo, Philip Hopkins, Francisco A. Lobo, Pierre Pandin, Basil Matta, Carla Carozzi, Stefano Romagnoli, Anthony Absalom, Rafael Badenes, Thomas Bleck, Anselmo Caricato, Jan Claassen, André Denault, Cristina Honorato, Saba Motta, Geert Meyfroidt, Finn Michael Radtke, Zaccaria Ricci, Chiara Robba, Fabio S. Taccone, Paul Vespa, Ida Nardiello & Massimo Lamperti

Therapies to Restore Consciousness in Patients with Severe Brain Injuries: A Gap Analysis and Future Directions

Brian L. Edlow, Leandro R. D. Sanz, Len Polizzotto, Nader Pouratian, John D. Rolston, Samuel B. Snider, Aurore Thibaut, Robert D. Stevens, Olivia Gosseries & the Curing Coma Campaign and its contributing members

Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Status Epilepticus

Gretchen M. Brophy, Rodney Bell, Jan Claassen, Brian Alldredge, Thomas P. Bleck, Tracy Glauser, Suzette M. LaRoche, James J. Riviello Jr., Lori Shutter, Michael R. Sperling, David M. Treiman, Paul M. Vespa & Neurocritical Care Society Status Epilepticus Guideline Writing Committee

Neurological Involvement in COVID-19 and Potential Mechanisms: A Review

Ghazal Aghagoli, Benjamin Gallo Marin, Nicole J. Katchur, Franz Chaves-Sell, Wael F. Asaad & Sarah A. Murphy

Apnea Testing for the Determination of Brain Death: A Systematic Scoping Review

Katharina M. Busl, Ariane Lewis & Panayiotis N. Varelas

Haloperidol Dosing Strategies in the Treatment of Delirium in the Critically-Ill

Ghazal Aghagoli, Benjamin Gallo Marin, Nicole J. Katchur, Franz Chaves-Sell, Wael F. Asaad & Sarah A. Murphy 

Guideline for Reversal of Antithrombotics in Intracranial Hemorrhage

Jennifer A. Frontera, John J. Lewin III, Alejandro A. Rabinstein, Imo P. Aisiku, Anne W. Alexandrov, Aaron M. Cook, Gregory J. del Zoppo, Monisha A. Kumar, Ellinor I. B. Peerschke, Michael F. Stiefel, Jeanne S Teitelbaum, Katja E. Wartenberg & Cindy L. Zerfoss

Cytotoxic Edema and Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Na Li MD, Jiahuan Guo, Kaijiang Kang, Jia Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Lijun Liu, Xinmin Liu, Yang Du, Yu Wang & Xingquan Zhao

The Implementation of Targeted Temperature Management: An Evidence-Based Guideline from the Neurocritical Care Society

Lori Kennedy Madden, Michelle Hill, Teresa L. May, Theresa Human, Mary McKenna Guanci, Judith Jacobi, Melissa V. Moreda & Neeraj Badjatia