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Survey of Laboratory Values that Preclude Brain Death Diagnosis

Many brain death guidelines require specific physiological parameters are maintained within an acceptable range in order for brain death to be clinically determined. These acceptable ranges are specified for some but not all parameters. As an evidence-based mechanism to identify these ranges is not plausible, the purpose of this survey is to identify, if possible, acceptable ranges for physiologic parameters related to pH, electrolyte and end organ function that are based on expert opinion that would be acceptable to allow clinical determination of brain death.

Target Audience: Restrict to MD's
Duration: 5 minutes
Survey Closes: December 1, 2019


For any questions please contact David Lerner (

Sedation Management in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survey

Over-sedation in the ICU has profound consequences including delayed mobilization, prolonged mechanical ventilation, longer lengths of stay, and long-term cognitive impairment. However, the optimal approach to sedate neurocritically ill patients, and more specifically TBI, is unknown. The potential for secondary cerebral injury has driven clinical protocols aiming to decrease brain oxygen consumption and intracranial pressure with high doses of sedatives. Given the long-term cognitive morbidity of TBI and lack of randomized controlled trials, it is important to better understand sedation management in this population.

Target Audience: If you provide care for patients with TBI, we need your help!
Duration: 15 minutes
Survey Closes: December 1, 2019


For any questions please contact Victoria McCredie (


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