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Moyamoya Disease Survey of International Perioperative Practices

Currently, there are no guidelines or evidence-based resources guiding the perioperative management of moyamoya patients undergoing revascularization surgery. We developed a survey to investigate the heterogeneity of practices among a transdisciplinary group of providers that routinely care for these patients with the goal of identifying key components of care that warrant prospective clinical studies. We aim to obtain input on several aspects of care (pre-, intra-, and post-operative) from the different disciplines (neurology, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, intensive care medicine) involved in the care of these patients that may demonstrate equipoise for future prospective studies.

Target Audience: Restrict to MDs
Duration: 7 minutes
Survey closes: June 20th, 2020


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Survey Opened

Contact Name

Perceptions of Health Care Providers Worldwide Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic &
Its Impact on Patient Care, Resources, and Clinical Education

April 28, 2020

Sarah Wahlster
Practice Changes for Acute Ischemic Stroke During COVID-19 April 16, 2020 Tamara Strohm
Hypotension in the ICU January 16, 2020 Ward van der Ven
Career Satisfaction October 7, 2019 Shyam Rao
Sedation Management in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survey August 13, 2019 Victoria Mcredie
Drug Shortages July 18, 2019 Emily Durr
Laboratory Values that Preclude Brain Death Diagnosis July 9, 2019 David Lerner
Determination of the Inter Rater Reliability of the modified Fisher Scale July 2, 2019 Christopher Melinosky
Pharmacogenomics of Calcium Channel Blocker Medication in Stroke and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage May 16, 2019 David Freeman


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