Women in Neurocritical Care (WINCC)

Women in Neurocritical Care (WINCC)

The mission of the WINCC is to develop strategies to help women from all backgrounds succeed in this emerging medical subspecialty.
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Published Works

Women In Neurocritical Care: Past, Present and Future

By Gretchen Brophy, Diana Greene-Chandos, Marin Darsie,  Holly Hinson, Elissa Fory, Nerissa Ko, Deepa Malaiyandi, Christa O’Hana S. Nobleza and Wendy Wright-Siegler

NCS is becoming increasingly aware of systemic impediments to equity in medicine and health care, particularly for women and people from under-represented backgrounds. Bridging the equity gap will require more than recognizing it exists — the concerted efforts of groups like WINCC and NCS leadership are necessary. We need to fix the system rather than focusing on how to fix the individual to succeed in a system not built for them. We all want NCS to continue to be an organization that leads by example when it comes to inclusivity. NCS is an organization that prioritizes, above all, meeting the needs of its members and the communities we serve. We know the best way to make strides toward this goal is by using our diversity as our strength and bring as many of us together as possible to shape a future for our field that we are all proud of.

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Women in Neurocritical Care as the Voice of Clinical Excellence, Activism, Camaraderie, Collaborations, Diversity and New Beginnings

By Hana Nobleza, MD; Deepa Maliayandi, MD; and Diana Greene-Chandos, MD, FNCS

We have all seen our lives changed by the global COVID-19 pandemic since the first reported case of COVID-19 on Dec. 31, 2020. The mission of Women in Neurocritical Care (WINCC) continued to be strengthened during these times. In this pandemic, we saw the rise of neurocritical care not only directly tackling COVID-19 but also getting involved in social activism, continued friendship, international collaboration, and improving diversity, equity and inclusion. This article will serve to celebrate the recent accomplishments of WINCC, discuss our events at the recent virtual Annual Meeting and share our new evolution into a group that aims to grow diversity as a whole within NCS.  

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On this episode, celebrating Women's History Month, Dr. Fawaz Al-Mufti interviews members of NCS's WINCC (Women in Neurocritical Care) leadership section. Drs. Malaiyandi, O'Hana Nobleza, Greene-Chandos, and Darsie discuss inequities in medicine and the creation of policies and resources that will promote gender equity.

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More resources and information will be available in the coming weeks. For questions, please contact info@neurocriticalcare.org.