Regional Chapters

The Neurocritical Care Society is a multidisciplinary, international organization whose mission is to improve outcomes for patients with life-threatening neurological illnesses.  NCS aims to recognize, support, and partner with developing neurocritical care sections, chapters, or interest groups within existing national societies, or as newly founded societies in order to advance the mission of improving care for critically-ill patients with neurological diseases.

The NCS has 5 International Regional Committees in the following regions:  Asia, Europe, Mid-East/Africa, North & Central America, and South America. Each Regional Committee will be comprised of representatives from partnering organizations. 

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Global Partners PROCESS


The goal of the International Partnership program is to enhance communication between all societies of the world interested in Neurocritical Care.  Each Regional Committee Chair will hear and discuss firsthand all NCS proposals and activities, which can then be distributed throughout the respective regions.

Application Process:

A letter of intent is written by the respective society.  The letter along with the required criteria below can be submitted via email to the NCS Executive Office at The request is submitted to the NCS Executive Committee for review.  The average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  Upon approval, the Neurocritical Care Society will issue a letter of acceptance and a certificate of the partnership.


  • Comprised of International partnered Societies who have a focus on Neurocritical Care.
  • Society has a minimum of 25 members.
  • At least 5 members must be active NCS members. If the society has more than 50 members, then 10 members must be active NCS members.

Benefits of Approved Global Partners:

  • 40% discount will be offered for NCS membership dues except for countries with World Bank B classification. The NCS Executive Office will require a list of your membership with email addresses and NCS will provide information/instructions on how to join NCS at the discounted rate (if applicable).  
  • The NCS and the international society will exchange email member lists to promote society activities/events free of charge. 
  • An official recognition of the partnership will be posted on the respective websites.
  • The international society will designate a liaison who is a full NCS member to participate on the NCS Global Regional Committee. The liaison will actively participate via conference call, email contact, or in person with the NCS Global Committee on a 3-4 times per year basis.
  • NCS will work collaboratively via the Global Regional Committees to help advance the long-term goals of the partner. Initiatives requiring financial support from NCS must be approved by the NCS Board of Directors. 

Any international developing neurocritical care section, chapter, or society interested in a partnership with the NCS, should download and submit their application to the NCS Executive Office via the links to the right.


As part of our efforts to collaborate internationally and across societies, NCS has linked with the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) to offer a discounted dual membership option. If you are a full dues-paying NCS member, you are now eligible for a 30% discount on ESICM membership. Take advantage of this great opportunity by going to the ESICM website and signing up!