Neurocritical Care Research Central

“To promote and foster research in neurocritical care” continues to be a core mission of the Neurocritical Care Society. To further NCS's strategic mission towards research development, the Neurocritical Care Research Central—or NCRC—was established.


To enhance innovative research aimed to improve outcomes of neurocritically ill patients.


The mission of NCRC is to support and coordinate research initiatives within NCS, foster collaborative research among various facets of the society and represent NCS when interacting with outside research networks and professional societies.

Core Values

  1. Promotion and development of rigorous scientific thinking
  2. Innovation
  3. Collaboration
  4. Collegiality
  5. Integrity
  6. Accountability to our scientific community and our patients
  7. Open access philosophy
  8. Transparency


The NCRC is led by two co-directors, who are appointed through a process akin to an NCS officer, with nomination through a research operations sub-committee taskforce and co-chairs, with approval by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Nominees for this position are considered based on their research expertise, mentorship, funding and publication track record, past and ongoing collaborative efforts, ambassadorship to the NCS and representation to other professional societies. Gender equality and inclusion of minorities are also of major consideration. The co-directors will serve a total term of four years, two as co-directors elect and two as co-directors, reporting to the NCS Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. They will also serve as the external diplomats for NCS research and will envision and implement NCS research endeavors.

Research Operations Sub-Committee (ROSC)

ROSC oversees operations of the NCRC and promotes research within the membership of the NCS. Members of ROSC represent the NCS among other scientific and professional societies and promote collaboration across disciplines and workgroups. This committee oversees research requests on behalf of NCS and serves as a liaison within the wider NCS community to align scientific resources and expertise. Specific activities include requests for clinical research sites and resources, survey distribution to the NCS community, funding opportunities, and mechanisms to support research activities among members of the society.

Grants Sub-Committee

The Grants Sub-committee is primarily responsible for managing NCS internal grants, including the INCLINE and research fellowship grants. The committee oversees all aspects of the application and review process for internal funding opportunities.

Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) Sub-Committee

The purpose of NCRN is to promote and conduct patient-oriented research and clinical trials, and to facilitate worldwide collaboration in this context. This is done through the development and coordination of observational and interventional clinical research studies and clinical trials as well as by hosting conferences that focus on specific aspects of neurocritical care research science and methodology.

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NCRC Co-Directors

Molly McNett, PhD, RN
Sherif Mahmoud, PharmD

Research Operations Subcommittee

Neha Dangayach, MD, Co-Chair
Jennifer Kim, MD, Co-Chair

Grants Subcommittee

Javier Provencio, MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Wendy Ziai, MD, Co-Chair

Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) Subcommittee

Daiwai Olson, PhD, RN, FNCS, Co-Chair
Claude Hemphill, MD, MS, FNCS, Co-Chair

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