Welcome to the electronic edition of the NEWS (NEW Science in Neurocritical care).  Every month, we will review and highlight recent scientific articles in Neurocritical care from highly regarded journals in the medical sciences that are deemed to be impactful. However, in the spirit of acknowledging the diverse membership of NCS we plan to review selected high impact general and pediatric Neurocritical care articles that will find a place in our day-to-day Neurocritical practice.  

We hope you find the reviews helpful and encourage you to read the full articles for more detailed information. Make sure you sign up for our monthly email blasts which will have a link to the commentaries and articles. We further invite you to inform your colleagues of the free online availability of the NEWS. Based on reader feedback, we will make every effort to continually improve this resource, so please email us with suggestions.

Aimee Aysenne MD, MPH.

Chitra Venkaasubramanian MBBS, MD, Msc.