Neurocritical Care Research Network

The Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) is coordinated as a sub-committee of the Neurocritical Care Research Central within the Neurocritical Care Society.

A Worldwide Collaboration of Research and Clinical Trials

Neurocritical care is a rapidly expanding field and collaborative clinical research plays a critical role in bringing new treatments to our patients. We are now in an era in which a critical mass of research centers is necessary to enroll sufficient numbers of patients in phase II/III clinical trials and to represent the broad population of neurocritically ill patients needed to harness precision medicine. Research networks in critical care and neurological emergencies have been formed through other medical societies and in the National Institutes of Health, but none have focused exclusively on neurocritical care. The purpose of NCRN is to promote and conduct patient-oriented research and clinical trials, and to facilitate worldwide collaboration in this context. This is done through development and coordination of observational and interventional clinical research studies and clinical trials as well as by hosting conferences which focus on specific aspects of neurocritical care research science and methodology.


  1. To promote world-wide multidisciplinary neurocritical care research.
  2. To enhance and facilitate high-quality investigator-initiated studies.
  3. To investigate clinically-relevant questions drawing from both bedside and laboratory observations.
  4. To advance the understanding and development of research methods.


The mission of the NCRN is to serve as a conduit for the design and execution of high quality, multi-center studies in the neurocritical care setting, intended to enhance the understanding of neurocritical care disorders and to improve outcomes for neurocritically ill patients. The NCRN is committed to fostering investigator-initiated collaborative studies and promote and promulgate neurocritical care research internationally. This derives directly from one of the central missions of the Neurocritical Care Society: to foster clinical, experimental, and outcomes research focused on developing innovative and cost-effective medical and surgical interventions for acute neurological disorders.

Core Values

  1. Collaboration and collegiality
  2. Innovation
  3. Promotion and development of scientific thought
  4. Integrity
  5. Accountability to our scientific community and our patients


The NCRN is a sub-committee of the Neurocritical Care Research Central of the Neurocritical Care Society and is accountable to the Neurocritical Care Research Central leadership and the Neurocritical Care Society’s Board of Directors. The NCRN is composed of neurointensivists, nurses, pharmacists and clinical researchers who are motivated to carry out excellent clinical research in neurocritical care and collaborate with colleagues around the world

NCRN Leadership

  • DaiWai Olson, PhD, RN
  • Claude Hemphill, MD, MS