Professionalism and Leadership Day


Professionalism, Leadership & Research Mentoring Session

NCS continues to focus on Professionalism, Leadership & Research Mentoring education at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year. This year's session takes place on Friday, September 25 from 8:00 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Pre-registration is required, but there is no extra charge to attend the session. Click here to register for the Annual Meeting and the Professionalism, Leadership & Research Mentoring Session.

Session Description

This program will cover essential skills for successful career advancement in neurocritical care professions. The sessions are geared towards members of all backgrounds, professions, roles and disciplines. In particular, aspiring leaders who have not attended the course previously are encouraged to attend. Topics presented by NCS leaders will cover areas such as NCS leadership and organizational involvement, mentorship, graceful self-promotion, interview skills, negotiation, team-building, and managing conflict. In addition, topics to help advance research skills and professional advancement in the clinical and laboratory settings will be provided, along with time for direct mentoring by senior NCS researchers in interactive sessions. The session will include a networking break with NCS leadership and multiprofessional leaders in the field.