All posters will be on display in the Poster Hall (Ballroom CD) on Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17, including the Distinguished Posters. Poster PDFs can be accessed in the NCS mobile app. 

Poster Session 1: Wednesday 10/16, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Poster Session 2: Thursday 10/17, 10:45 am – 11:45 am
EVEN-NUMBERED POSTERS + Posters #1 and #3

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P1: Working Together to Save More Lives: Improved Collaboration Results in More Organs Available for Transplant
Presenting Author: Galen Henderson

P2: Localizing Brain Injury with Resting-State Electroencephalogram Dynamics and Intrinsic Reactivity
Presenting Author: Osvaldo Jose Laurido-Soto

P3: Investigating Changes in Intracranial Pressure Waveform Morphology in Patients with Ventriculitis Using Hierarchical Clustering
Presenting Author: Soojin Park

P4: Safety And Feasibility of a Novel Transnasal Cooling Device to Induce Normothermia in Febrile Cerebrovascular Patients (NCT03360656)
Presenting Author: Neeraj Badjatia

P5: A Novel Method for Diagnosing Severity of Brain Injury Using UCHL1 in Traumatic Brain-Injured Patients
Presenting Author: Gaurav S. Tomar

P6: Disruption of the Ascending Arousal Network in Acute Traumatic Disorders of Consciousness
Presenting Author: Samuel Snider

P7: Coma Recovery After Cardiac Arrest: Variability in EEG Trends Across Medical Centers Poses a Challenge for Generalizable Machine Learning Prognostication
Presenting Author: Edilberto Amorim

P8: Sex Differences in Outcome and Post-resuscitation Neurologic Care after Cardiac Arrest
Presenting Author: Melissa Vogelsong

P9: Cortical Lesions Causing Loss of Consciousness are Functionally Connected to the Dorsal Brainstem
Presenting Author: Samuel Snider

P10: Changes in Process and Cost Associated with Introducing Andexanet Alfa Therapy for Reversal of Rivaroxaban- and Apixaban-Associated Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Megan Barra

P11: Comparing Outcomes with Andexanet And 4F-PCC in Factor Xa Inhibitor-Related Bleeding
Presenting Author: Jaspreet Johal

P12: Early TXA Administration in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Intracranial Hemorrhage may Reduce Levels of Syndecan-1
Presenting Author: Taylor Anderson

P13: Andexanet Alfa versus Four-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (4F-PCC) for the Reversal of Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) Associated with Rivaroxaban and Apixaban: A Retrospective Comparative Study
Presenting Author: Keith Nguyen

P14: Catheter Associated Venous Thromboembolism in a NeuroICU Cohort
Presenting Author: Dylan Archbold Hufty Alegria

P15: Continuous Infusion Vasopressin for Treatment of Post-Traumatic Diabetes Insipidus
Presenting Author: Storm A. Van Wey

P16: Effects of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate on Laboratory Parameters in Patients on Direct Acting Oral Anticoagulants with Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Carly Adams

P17: Antipsychotics Use in Critically Ill TBI patients: A Canadian Multicenter Observational Cohort Study
Presenting Author: David R. Williamson

P18: Predictors of Refractory Elevated Intracranial Pressure (ICP) in Setting of Traumatic Venous sinus Thrombosis
Presenting Author: Judy Ch'ang

P19: Feasibility And Safety Of Targeting An Optimal Cerebral Perfusion Pressure as a Patient - Tailored Therapy in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: COGiTATE Phase II Study
Presenting Author: Erta Beqiri

P20: T-cell and Monocyte Expression after Acute Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Flow-Cytometry Study
Presenting Author: Monisha A. Kumar

P21: Expression of Extracellular Vesicles after acute Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Flow-Cytometry Study
Presenting Author: Monisha A. Kumar

P22: Assessment of Preoperative Risk Factors for the Development of Postoperative Diabetes Insipidus in Patients Undergoing Transsphenoidal Craniotomy
Presenting Author: Amanda L. Faulkner

P23: Mechanical Thrombectomy in the Oldest of the Old: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis. Is 90 the New 60?
Presenting Author: Shashank Agarwal

P24: Factors Associated with Early Neurologic Deterioration (END) In Critically Ill Ischemic Stroke Patients
Presenting Author: Krista Lim-Hing

P25: Hemostatic Efficacy and Anti-FXa Reversal with Andexanet Alfa in Spontaneous Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Joshua Goldstein

P26: Stereotactic Intracerebral Hemorrhage Underwater Blood Aspiration (SCUBA) Improves Mortality after Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: John Liang

P27: Clinical Factors Associated With the Achievement of Hemostatic Efficacy in Patients With Intracranial Hemorrhage: An ANNEXA-4 Sub-Study
Presenting Author: Mauricio Concha

P28: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Leads to Persistent Alterations in Resting State Functional Connectivity and Cognitive Deficits in Mice
Presenting Author: David Y. Chung

P29: Safety and Feasibility of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and High-Protein Supplementation Acutely after SAH (NCT03201094)
Presenting Author: Rachel Hausladen

P30: Early Elevation of Plasma and CSF Lipocalin-2/NGAL is Associated with Poor Neurofunctional Outcome following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Fang Yu

P31: Comparison of Antifibrinolytic Therapy for Prevention of Aneurysmal SAH Rebleeding
Presenting Author: Jason Makii

P32: Screening for Biomarkers in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage using a Random Forest Model
Presenting Author: Emanuela Keller

P33: Myeloperoxidase Indelayed Cerebral Injury (DCI) after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) Mediates Neuronal Damage by Affecting Neuronal Firing
Presenting Author: Jose Javier Provencio

P34: Evolution of Epileptiform Discharges after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Predict Delayed Cerebral Ischemia
Presenting Author: Jennifer A. Kim

P35: Association of Timing to Aneurysm Repair and Mortality in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – A Multicenter Prospective Study
Presenting AuthorPedro Kurtz

P36: Soluble ST2 is an Inflammatory Biomarker Associated with Epileptiform Activity after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting AuthorIndia Lissak 

P37: Characterizing the Time Course of Early Inflammatory miRNA Biomarker Changes in a Model of Kainic Acid-induced Status Epilepticus
Presenting Author: Katrina Peariso

P38: Diagnostic and Predictive Value Of Electroencephalography with Ten Electrodes
Presenting AuthorM. Brandon Westover

P39: Serial Neurologic Assessment in Pediatrics (SNAP): A New Tool for Bedside Neurological Assessment of Critically Ill Children
Presenting AuthorMatthew P. Kirschen

P40: A Longitudinal Study Of Gender Parity Trends In the Neurocritical Care Society
Presenting AuthorAsma M. Moheet


Poster Session 1 – Wednesday, October 16 from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Click on a topic below to see all posters being presented at this time.

ICU Organization, Staffing, and Education

P41 - Insuring the Integrity of Clinical Registries: An Example of Cleaning a Large Multicenter Neurologically Ill Patient Database
Presenting Author: DaiWai Olson

P43 - Effect of Nurse Driven Structured Rounding Model to Improve Team Communication in the Neuro ICU
Presenting Author: Giuliana Labella

P45 - Reducing duration and cost of IV antihypertensive infusions in critically ill patients with intracerebral hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Kassi Kronfeld

P47 - Early Palliative Integration in Neurocritical Care Patients: A Prospective Study
Presenting Author: Hera A. Kamdar

P49 - Perceptions of Handoff Practices in Inpatient Neurology: Opportunities for Improvement in the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit
Presenting Author: Victor Lin

P51 - Triage Factors Associated with ICU Level of Care Following Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Nikhil M. Patel

P53 - ENursing Knowledge in Managing Neuro-emergencies: A Survey Based Study
Presenting Author: Karan Amlani

P55 - Improving Knowledge and Comfort in Clinical Brain Death Testing in Neurology Residents and Attendings Utilizing Both Didactic and Simulation Exercises- A Quality Improvement Study.
Presenting Author: Connie Ge

P57 - Implementating Nurse-Facilitated Rounds in the Neurocritical Care Unit
Presenting Author: Angel Echols

P59 - The impact of neurointensivist co-management on the mortality of patients admitted to the neurocritical care unit
Presenting Author: Jin-Heon Jeong

Monitoring, Technology, and Temperature Modulation

P61 - Differential impact of fever and hypothermia on cerebrovascular pressure reactivity
Presenting Author: Xin Zhou

P63 - CRUSH: Cranial Ultrasonography Via Hemicraniectomy. A Novel Technique And Atlas Of Neuroanatomy.
Presenting Author: Vasisht Srinivasan

P65 - Evaluating the Cerebral Arterial Time Constant in Vasospasm and Delayed Cerebral Ischemia after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Kalijah Terilli

P67 - The Clinical and Financial Impact of the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG System In a Community Hospital
Presenting Author: Prashanth Krishnamohan

P69 - Non-invasive monitoring of cerebral blood flow in the acute brain injury
Presenting Author: Soo-Hyun Park

P71 - Noninvasive Neuromonitoring with Rheoencephalography: A Pilot Human Study
Presenting Author: Ifeanyi Iwuchukwu

P73 - Transcranial Doppler monitoring of intra-dialytic cerebral hemodynamics in an ESRD patient with traumatic brain injury
Presenting Author: Shivani Ghoshal

P75 - Neuromonitoring in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Device: A Systematic Review of the Literatures
Presenting Author: Tracey Fan

P77 - Correlation of Serial ONSD via CT Imaging with Invasive ICP Values among Neurocritical Care Patients
Presenting Author: Diane McLaughlin

P79 - Prevalence and Tolerance to 21% Oxygen in Mechanically Ventilated Neurocritically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Abhijit Lele

P81 - Coherence analysis of cerebral oxygenation using multichannel functional near infrared spectroscopy prognosticates outcome in patients with sepsis associated encephalopathy
Presenting Author: Tae Jung Kim

P83 - The initiation, induction and maintenance of TTM in patients with large hemispheric infarction
Presenting Author: Sukyoon Lee

P85 - Clinical usefulness of quantitative assessment of pupillary light reflex in hospital-onset unresponsiveness
Presenting Author: Soh Hyun Choi

P87 - The Impact of Increased Intracranial Pressure on Pupillometry: A Replication Study
Presenting Author: DaiWai M. Olson

Coma/Brain Death and Post-Cardiac Arrest

P89 - Quantitative EEG Analysis Improves Early Prediction of Command-Following After Cardiac Arrest
Presenting Author: Andrew Bauerschmidt

P91 - Legal Criteria for Brain Death around the World
Presenting Author: Ariane Lewis

P93 - MRI Factors Associated With Arousal Recovery in Comatose Survivors of Cardiac Arrest
Presenting Author: Matthew N Jaffa

P95 - EEG signature of recovery of consciousness in patients treated with amantadine after acute brain injury
Presenting Author: Ayham Alkhachroum

P97 - A Multimodal Approach for Prognostication of Post-Anoxic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Lorenzo Peluso

P99 Resting State fMRI for Disorders of Consciousness and Prognostication in the Pediatric ICU Population
Presenting Author: Varina L. Boerwinkle

P101 - Determination of Brain Death in Patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A Systematic Review
Presenting Author: Ibrahim Migdady

P103 - Feasibility of Examination via Telepresence for Determination of Brain Death
Presenting Author: Kumud Sharma

P105 - Time to Hyperosmolar Administration During Brain Codes: A Single Center Prospective Observational Study
Presenting Author: Pouya Tahsili Fahadan

P107 - Neuromuscular Blockade And Outcome In Cardiac Arrest Patients Receiving Targeted Temperature Management
Presenting Author: Farid Sadaka

P109 - Pilot Study of Orexin as an Indicator of Coma Recovery
Presenting Author: Elzbieta Wirkowski

P111 - High Glucose Within First Twenty-Four Hours Post-Cardiac Arrest Is Associated With Poor Functional Outcome: A Single-Center Retrospective Analysis
Presenting Author: Katie Dam

P113 - Pressure Reactivity and Cerebral Perfusion Pressure in Cardiac Arrest Patients
Presenting Author: Hannah L Kirsch

P115 - APACHE III Score is a Poor Predictor of Neurological Outcome in Cardiac Arrest Patients Receiving Targeted Temperature Management
Presenting Author: Farid Sadaka

Medical Issues, Pharmacology, and Coagulopathy

P117 - A Usability Study of the Implementation of an Automated Pupillometer in a Neurocritical Care Setting
Presenting Author: Sai Thavendran

P119 - The Impact of Antithrombotic Agents on Nontraumatic Subdural Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Doungporn Ruthirago

P121 - Factor Xa inhibitor Associated Life Threatening Hemorrhage Managed with Coagulation factor Xa (recombinant), inactivated-zhzo vs. Prothrombin Complex Concentrate
Presenting Author: Shaun P. Keegan

P123 - A Single Center Retrospective Review of Dose Titration of Ticagrelor Utilizing Platelet Function Testing in Neuroendovascular Patients Requiring Acute Intracranial or Carotid Stents
Presenting Author: Kara Devin Holden

P125 - Efficacy and Safety of Cisatracurium versus Vecuronium during Targeted Temperature Management in the Neurocritical Care Patients
Presenting Author: Sukyoon Lee

P127 - Incidence Of Levetiracetam-Associated Adverse Events In The Critically Ill
Presenting Author: Micheal Strein

P129 - Correlation Between Anti-Xa Level and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) with Subcutaneous Unfractionated Heparin (SQ-UFH) Prophylaxis in Neurocritically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Caroline Der-Nigoghossian

P131 - Multidisciplinary Approach to Sedation and Early Rehabilitation of Intubated Patients Admitted to the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit
Presenting Author: Megan E Barra

P133 - Prescribing patterns of Inferior Vena Cava Filters (IVCFs) in neurocritical care patients
Presenting Author: Ivan Jose Cuesta Isabel

P135 - A Case of Lacosamide Induced Heart Block
Presenting Author: Colleen Barthol

P137 - Hepatotoxicity Associated with Elevated Free Serum Valproic Acid Levels
Presenting Author: David Hensler

P139 - From Pregnancy Pains To Paralysis: A Case of Erroneous Intrathecal Digoxin Administration
Presenting Author: Rahul Kamlesh Shah

P141 - Prevalence, Clinical Characteristics, and Outcomes of Neurocritically Ill Patients with Ventilator Associated Events
Presenting Author: Venus Kit Sze Wu

P143 - Safety and Efficacy of Phenobarbital for Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms in Acute Brain Injury Patients in Neurological Sciences Intensive Care Unit (NSICU)
Presenting Author: Madihah A. Hepburn

P145 - Safety and Effectiveness of Ketamine in Neuro-critical Care Unit: A Case Series
Presenting Author: Saurabh Kataria

P147 - Incidence and Prevalence of DVT Between PICC vs CVC in the NeuroIntensive Care Unit
Presenting Author: Denise Michele Rios

Head and Spine Trauma

P149 - Admission Factors Associated with the Development of Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity in a Severe TBI Cohort
Presenting Author: Jamie Erin Podell

P151 - What is the prognostic factor for severe traumatic brain injury under targeted temperature management. Analysis of brain CT findings in patients enrolled in BHYPO Study.
Presenting Author: Hitoshi Kobata

P153 - Effect of Therapeutic Hypothermia on Outcomes After severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample analysis
Presenting Author: Anantha Ramana Vellipuram

P155 - The Pittsburgh Therapeutic Intensity Level; Development of an Updated Care Burden Score for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
Presenting Author: Maighdlin Anderson

P157 - Sex Differences in Outcomes Following Geriatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Angela Brooke Burkett

P159 - Regional Variation in Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Lauren Jennifer Zarnett

P161 - The Effects of Hyperoxia on Brain Tissue Oxygenation in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review
Presenting Author: Faten El Ammar

P163 - Transcranial Sonography And Computerized Tomography Scan To Assess The Midline Shift in TBI Patients
Presenting Author: Hemanshu Prabhakar

P165 - Impact of Increase in Intracranial Pressure for a fixed duration in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective, Observational Study.
Presenting Author: Gaurav Singh Tomar

P167 - Vasospasm and Delayed Cerebral Ischemia Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Report and Review of The Literature
Presenting Author: Clotilde Balucani

Neurosurgical and Peri-Operative Management

P169 - Investigation of neurogenic pulmonary edema by subarachnoid hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Keijiro Yoshida

P171 - Intraventricular Nicardipine Reverses Refractory Vasospasm Following Craniopharyngioma Resection
Presenting Author: Logan Pyle

P173 - Atypical radiographic images after successful revascularization for moyamoya disease: A case report
Presenting Author: Fukuoka Masayoshi

P175 - Comparison of Neurosurgical and Medical Management of Raised ICP Patients in a Resource-limited ICU
Presenting Author: Syed Tariq Reza

Ischemic Stroke

P177 - Left atrial enlargement as an independent risk factor for coexisting acute SysTemic visceral Embolism in acute ischeMic stroke due to Atrial Fibrillation (STEM-AF)
Presenting Author: Jeong-Ho Hong

P179 - Neurovascular Ultrasound adds Incremental Value in Re-perfused Acute Ischemic Stroke after Undergoing CT Angiogram
Presenting Author: Aarti Sarwal

P181 - Intravenous Thrombolysis for Ischemic Stroke in Patients with Incidental Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm
Presenting Author: Seo Hyun Kim

P183 - Higher neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio is associated with early neurological deterioration in stroke due to large artery atherosclerosis
Presenting Author: Tae Jung Kim

P185 - Safety of Cangrelor in Emergency Endovascular Stroke Recanalization: A Single Center Experience
Presenting Author: Julius Gene Silva Latorre

P187 - Decompressive Hemicraniectomy While Cold
Presenting Author: Nate Leibu

P189 - The association between proteinuria and development of malignant middle cerebral artery infarction
Presenting Author: Meng-Ni Wu

P191 - Dynamics of CT attenuation in malignant infarction during therapeutic hypothermia
Presenting Author: Han-Gil Jeong

P193 - Vasoaugmentation therapy in acute ischemic stroke using milrinone, an initial series
Presenting Author: Kawther Hadhiah

P195 - Predicting MRI Infarct Size Using Contrast Extravasation on Post-Thrombectomy Head CT
Presenting Author: Patrick Chen

P197 - HIR (Hypoperfusion Intensity Ratio) As Predictor of Malignant Cerebral Edema
Presenting Author: Karan Tarasaria

P199 - Prior antithrombotic use is significantly associated with decreased blood viscosity within 24 hours of symptom onset in patients with acute ischemic stroke
Presenting Author: Sang-Won Han

P201 - Validation of a Weight-Based Nomogram for the Use of Intravenous Heparin in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Presenting Author: Kent Owusu

P203 - Transcranial Doppler Emboli Monitoring Has Potential In Evaluation And Management Of Cerebrovascular Events In Infective Endocarditis
Presenting Author: Aarti Sarwal

P205 - IV Thrombolysis in a Patient with Ischemic Stroke and Undiagnosed AVM
Presenting Author: Danuel Keith Snelgrove

P207 - Bubbles Without a Bubble Study: Cerebral Air Embolus Following Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation
Presenting Author: Eleni Antzoulatos

P209 - Accelerated Mineralization As A Mimic Of Hemorrhagic Conversion
Presenting Author: Collin Herman

Intracerebral Hemorrhage

P211 - Imaging predictors of early recovery of consciousness after intracerebral hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Truman J. Milling

P213 - Post Procedural Computed Tomography Hyperdensities and Outcomes After Mechanical Thrombectomy
Presenting Author: Matthew Bower

P215 - Dual-Clustering Segmentation: A Semi-Automated Method for Measuring Perihematomal Edema Surrounding Spontaneous Intracranial Hemorrhages
Presenting Author: Jody Manners

P217 - Timing of Diffusion Weighted Imaging Lesions after Primary Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Rajeev Kumar Garg

P219 - Aminocaproic Acid for Reversal of Tissue Plasminogen Activator–Related Symptomatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Presenting Author: Julia Koehn

P221 - Identification of Prognostic Factors to Facilitate Reduction of ICU Overtriage in Elderly Patients with Isolated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Tomas Humberto Jacome

P223 - Between Scylla and Charybdis: Risks Of Therapeutic Anticoagulation After Recent Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Thuhien Nguyen

P225 - Rural-urban disparities in intracerebral hemorrhage mortality in the United States
Presenting Author: Alvin S. Das

P227 - Hematoma Expansion after Fixed-dose Prothrombin Complex Concentrate
Presenting Author: Chethan Venkatasubba Rao

P229 - Association Between Red Blood Cell Transfusions And Outcomes After Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Fernanda Carvalho Poyraz

P231 - Assessment of Kcentra® Dosing Practices within Neurocritical Care
Presenting Author: Andy Loggini

P233 - Recurrent Intracerebral Hemorrhage Occurring in the Setting of Cardiac Myxoma
Presenting Author: Christopher Ryan Green

P235 - Predictive Modeling of Outcomes in Intracerebral Hemorrhage for Clinical Trial Design
Presenting Author: Karan Amlani

P237 - Intracerebral Hemorrhage in the Setting of Pre-Eclampsia with Severe Features: A Case Study and Review of the Literature
Presenting Author: Ameeta Shyam Karmarkar

P239 - An Unusual Case of Unilateral Subarachnoid Hemorrhage after Intravenous tpa in Acute Ischemic Stroke treated with Amicar
Presenting Author: Courtney Amber Raab

P241 - A Retrospective study of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Patients and Safety and Anticoagulation (RICH-SPA)
Presenting Author: Rahul Damani

P243 - Natural History of Infratentorial Intracerebral Hemorrhages: Two Subgroups with Distinct Clinical Presentations and Outcomes
Presenting Author: Viren Patel

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

P245 - Intravenous Milrinone For Cerebral Vasospasm Secondary To Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Allison Dzingle

P247 - Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blockade as a Novel Treatment for Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Associated Intractable Headache
Presenting Author: Christopher Melinosky

P249 - Effects of Tranexamic Acid in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Prospective Observational Study
Presenting Author: Pedro Kurtz

251 - Effect of adherence to anti-hypertensive medications in hypertensive patients with ruptured cerebral aneurysms
Presenting Author: Jinkwon Kim

P253 - Association between 14-day Fluid Balance and Outcomes in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Christopher D Nguyen

P255 - Glycemic Gap is Superior to Admission Glucose as a Predictor of Poor Outcome in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Philip Young-woo Sun

P257 - Early Hyperchloremia is Associated with Delayed Cerebral Ischemia and Worse Functional Outcomes After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Bhuvanesh Govind

P259 - Intraventricular Milrinone Use for the Treatment of Cerebral Vessel Vasospasm following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Meghan Purohit

P261 - Intrathecal Nicardipine is Safe and Effective in Lowering Mean Arterial Velocities in Patients with Post Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Cerebral Vasospasm – a Retrospective Analysis
Presenting Author: Ofer Sadan

P263 - Clinical seizures during hospitalization related to poor clinical outcomes in aSAH patients.
Presenting Author: Eric Michael Bershad

P265 - Changes in neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratios in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage patients treated with targeted temperature management
Presenting Author: Seung Bin Kim

P267 - Evaluation of scheduled 23.4% sodium chloride for intracranial pressure management in the setting of subarachnoid hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Kent Owusu


P269 - Clinical and Electrographic Predictors of Medication Responsiveness in Acute Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Daniel B. Rubin

P271 - Management Of Refractory Status Epilepticus: an international COhort study (MORSE CODe) in developing and developed economies
Presenting Author: Wei-Ting Chiu

P273 - Yield of Continuous Electroencephalography in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Presenting Author: Eric Lawson

P275 - The Incidence of Early Seizures in Non-severe Traumatic Brain Injury Patients and the Efficacy of Prophylactic Antiepileptic Drugs
Presenting Author: Khalid Alsherbini

P277 - Trends and Predictors of In-hospital Mortality for Status Epilepticus: National Inpatient Sample Study 2005-2014
Presenting Author: Mohammad Rauf A Chaudhry

P279 - Successful Treatment of Super Refractory Status Epilepticus with ECT in Pregnancy
Presenting Author: Laveena Singla

P281 - Anti-GAD65 Antibody Mediated Systemic Small Vessel Vasculitis With CNS Involvement Presenting As Refractory Status Epilepticus And Stiff-Limb Syndrome
Presenting Author: Derek Gerard Neupert

P283 - The Clinical and Financial Impact of the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG System on Sequoia Hospital
Presenting Author: Eleanor Vigilante

P285 - Head or Heart: Ictal Bradycardia and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Presenting Author: Julia Bevilacqua

P287 - Successful Treatment of Cephalosporin Associated Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus
Presenting Author: Erika Sigman

P289 - Continuous EEG: Unmasking the Silent Killer
Presenting Author: Ravi Srinivasan

Pediatrics, CNS Infections/Inflammatory

P291 - Zika virus-associated subacute encephalitis: prospective case series
Presenting Author: Ivan Da Silva

P293 - Association of Medication Infusions with Cerebral Dynamics after Severe Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Anthony Gianiorio

P295 - Association of Brain Tissue Oxygenation with Intracranial Pressure Waveform Characteristics after Pediatric Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Kim Artounian

P297 - Association Between Cerebral Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and ICP in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Elizabeth Diaz

P299 - Yes, the MRI belongs to this Patient: A Case Series in Cerebral Amyloid Angiitis
Presenting Author: Anirudha Swaminathan Rathnam

P301 - Early Outcomes Following the Creation of a Dedicated Pediatric Neuro ICU
Presenting Author: Margaret Ninemire

Emerging and Misc. Topics

P303 - Weight-Based Caloric Calculations Versus Indirect Calorimetry in Neurocritically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Keaton Smetana

P305 - Adaptation Of A TBI Goals-Of-Care Decision Aid For Surrogate Decision-Makers To Hemorrhagic And Ischemic Stroke With Acceptability And Usability Testing
Presenting Author: Kelsey Goostrey

P307 - ABCDEF Bundle (A-F) Impact in the Neurosciences ICU (NSICU)
Presenting Author: Jynette Anne Querubin

P309 - Effects of Sedatives, Patient Characteristics, and Burst Suppression on ICU Patient Mortality
Presenting Author: Jacob Hogan

P311 - Tertiary Care Transfer, Early Mortality and Goals of Care Discussions in Patients with Acute Neurological Conditions
Presenting Author: Justin Kenneth Brooten

P313 - Dissecting the optimized adaptive stress response of Arctic ground squirrels with CRISPR base editing
Presenting Author: Neel Singhal

P315 - Functional Outcome after Critical Illness: A population-based study
Presenting Author: Tarun Deep Singh

P317 - The Implementation and Assessment of a Comprehensive Simulation-Based Curriculum in Treating Acute Neurological Emergencies at UC San Diego: Preliminary Results and Findings
Presenting Author: Cynthia Gonzalez

P319 - Creating a “Go Bag” For External Ventricular Devices (EVD) Placement
Presenting Author: Catherine Gargan

P321 - Identifying Trends and Gaps in the Current Digital Narrative Around #Stroke
Presenting Author: Neha S. Dangayach

P323 - Stroke Templates, Trainee Education, and Chart Audits Improve Documentation and Quality Metrics
Presenting Author: Randi Toumbs

P325 - Cerebral Edema in Acetaminophen-Induced Acute Liver Failure
Presenting Author: Ahsan Akram

P327 - The Underutilization of Social Media in Critical Care Medicine Education
Presenting Author: Devin J. Burke

P329 - Implementation of Intermittent Catheterization In Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit Resulting In Decreased CAUTI Rates - A Quality Improvement Initiative
Presenting Author: Emmaculate Fields

P331 - Psychological Attachment Styles of Family Members of Neuro ICU Patients and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Following Hospitalization
Presenting Author: Jolanta Pach


Poster Session 2 – Thursday, October 17 from 10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Click on a topic below to see all posters being presented at this time.

ICU Organization, Staffing, and Education

P42 - Neurocritical Care Quality Improvement Practices: A Survey of Members of the Neurocritical Care Society
Presenting Author: Abhijit Lele

P44 - Creating a Robust Community of Practice as a Foundation for the Successful Development of a Pediatric Neuro-intensive Care Unit
Presenting Author: Jennifer Lee Erklauer

P46 - Understanding the resuscitation codes and goals of care options among admitted stroke patients versus the general population; a cross-sectional study
Presenting Author: Omar M Hussein

P48 - Reducing Routine Daily Chest X-Rays in the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Promote Value-Based Care Delivery
Presenting Author: Casey Olm-Shipman

P50 - Implementation of a multidisciplinary education program to improve targeted temperature management performance
Presenting Author: Kassi Kronfeld

P52 - Impact of the Emergency Neurological Life Support Course on Provider Knowledge and Self-Reported Comfort in the Management of the Neurocritically Ill in Cambodia
Presenting Author: Ariana Simone Barkley

P54 - Effectiveness of Standardized Patient versus Manikin in Simulation-Based Education of Neurocritical Care Concepts – A Pilot Study
Presenting Author: Catherine Albin

P56 - Guideline for Early Mobility in the Neuro ICU: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Presenting Author: Marie Newkirk

P58 - Fake News: Falsely Elevated Readmission Rates
Presenting Author: Nicole Zeoli

P60 - Pharmacy based nursing education utilizing a social media platform
Presenting Author: Casey Combs May

Monitoring, Technology, and Temperature Modulation

P62 - Transcranial Doppler is a Useful Tool for Assessing Cerebral Perfusion in VA–ECMO Patients
Presenting Author: Collin Herman

P64 - Evaluation of noxious stimulation of unconscious critically ill patients
Presenting Author: Sara Fratino

P66 - Virtual reality-based bilateral graded-intensity pupillometry to detect neurologic decline in large hemispheric infarction
Presenting Author: Mohammad I Hirzallah

P68 - Severity and Duration of Neurologic Deterioration Influence Neurologic Status at Discharge: An Informatics Approach in over 5,000 Consecutive Neurocritical Care Admissions
Presenting Author: Sai Santosh Nooney

P70 - A multimodal non invasive approach for intracranial hypertension detection: a single-center prospective study
Presenting Author: Spyridoula Tsetsou

P72 - The impact on dialysis modality on cerebral hemodynamics: A transcranial Doppler study
Presenting Author: Shivani Ghoshal

P74 - Point-of-Care Applications of Neuroultrasound in Critical Care: A Systematic Review and Expert Consensus.
Presenting Author: Aarti Sarwal

P76 - Quantitative Pupillometry and Radiographic Midbrain Compression
Presenting Author: Charlene Ong

P78 - Automatic detection of burst-suppression-pattern in neurocritical care patients
Presenting Author: Marcellina Isabelle Haeberlin

P80 - Comparison Of Brain Temperature Measures Obtained Using A Novel Non-Invasive Sensor And An Invasive Intracranial Pressure Catheter During Selective Brain Cooling In Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Bernardo Lembo Conde de Paiva

P82 - Factors Associated with the Development of External Ventricular Drain-related Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Jimmy Suh

P84 - Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Presenting Author: Catherine Hassett

P86 - Association Between Time to Return Of Spontaneous Circulation And Shivering In Cardiac Arrest Patients Receiving Targeted Temperature Management
Presenting Author: Farid Sadaka

P88 - Pupillary abnormalities in cirrhotic critically ill patients
Presenting Author: Marco Menozzi

Coma/Brain Death and Post-Cardiac Arrest

P90 - Multimodal Approach for Prognostication after Cardiac Arrest: post hoc analysis of a multicentric cohort
Presenting Author: Eugenio Di Bernardini

P92 - Midbrain Injury is Common in Patients with Abnormal Pupillary Light Reflex After Cardiac Arrest
Presenting Author: Richard Robert Riker

P94 - Impact of therapeutic hypothermia during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Presenting Author: Filippo Annoni

P96 - Cerebral Glucopenia Is Associated With Cerebral Physiologic Distress After Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Margaret Huynh

P98 - EEG characteristics and seizure prevalence among Cardiac Arrest Survivors with Good Neurological Outcomes
Presenting Author: Ayham Alkhachroum

P100 - Feasibility Of Apnea Testing On Conventional Mechanical Ventilation During Brain Death Evaluation
Presenting Author: Venkatakrishna Rajajee

P102 - Simulation Based Training Improves Critical Care Fellow Knowledge and Comfort in Brain Death Declaration and Surrogate Counseling
Presenting Author: Patrick Chen

P104 - Thalamic Control of Functional Connectivity Supports Consciousness After Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Joseph Adachi

P106 - Blood Glucose Derangements Following Cardiac Arrest From Drug Overdose: A Two-Center Retrospective Analysis
Presenting Author: Stephanie Qianhui Liang

P108 - Proposed safe apnea test using positive end-expiratory pressure valve and short-term blood gas analysis
Presenting Author: Jin Park

P110 - No Racial Differences In In-Hospital Mortality After Cardiac Arrest Across Two Urban Hospitals: Retrospective Data From The MOCHA Study
Presenting Author: Jonathan Adam Duskin

P112 - Epidemiology of cardiac arrest care and outcome: A single center study over 14 years
Presenting Author: Mariangela Gozza

P114 - Deep convolutional neural network-based Cerebral performance category (CPC) score estimation-based prognosis using emergency-medicine-based CT only and CT with other multimodal MR images in out of hospital cardiac arrest patients.
Presenting Author: Jung Hwa Lee

P116 - Predictors at the time of admission contributing to brain death
Presenting Author: Karan Singla

Medical Issues, Pharmacology, and Coagulopathy

P118 - Delayed Onset of Propofol Infusion Syndrome in the Treatment of Status Epilepticus
Presenting Author: Jessica Marie Johns

P120 - Continuous Enteral Hypertonic Saline Administration to Maintain Goal Sodium Levels in the Neurocritical Care Population
Presenting Author: Adis Keric

P122 - Single Center Use of Andexxa in Life Saving Neurosurgical Procedures
Presenting Author: Galen V. Henderson

P124 - Thrombosis after the combination of prothrombin complex concentrate and andexanet alfa
Presenting Author: David Hensler

P126 - Amantadine and Modafinil as Neurostimulants During Post-Stroke Care: A Systematic Review
Presenting Author: David John Gagnon

P128 - Fixed-dose Activated Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor Reversal
Presenting Author: Kara Birrer

P130 - Bridging Antiplatelet Therapy with Cangrelor in Patients Requiring Acute Intracranial and Carotid Artery Stent Placement: A Retrospective Case Series
Presenting Author: Devin Holden

P132 - Opioid Sparing Effect of Ketamine in the Conundrum of Opioid Epidemic: Single Center Experience
Presenting Author: Saurabh Kataria

P134 - Real World Utilization of Andexanet Alfa for Intracranial Hemorrhages
Presenting Author: Caitlin Brown

P136 - A Novel Case of Tissue Plasminogen Activator Reversal with Tranexamic Acid: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Presenting Author: Brianna Zinser

P138 - Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome Successfully Treated With Combination Intravenous Immunoglobulin Followed By Plasma Exchange
Presenting Author: Yong-Bum Song

P140 - A Case Of Acute Hyperammonemia Complicating Renal Transplantation
Presenting Author: Karan Tarasaria

P142 - A Case of Acute Kidney Injury Complicating The Management Of Fatal Cerebral Edema After Suspected Synthetic Cannabinoid Use
Presenting Author: Alok Dabi

P144 - Intraventricular Nicardipine for Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Related Vasospasm: A Case Report
Presenting Author: Ebonye Green

P146 - Severe Brain-Injury induced Tongue biting from Oromandibular Dystonia (SBIT-OMD)
Presenting Author: Sarah Peacock

P148 - Prone Positioning in Combination with Inhaled Nitric Oxide in a Patient with Severe ARDS and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Hydrocephalus. A Case Report.
Presenting Author: Joshua Lukas

Head and Spine Trauma

P150 - Impact of Moderate Hyperchloremia on Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Treated with Continuous Infusion Hypertonic Saline
Presenting Author: Michael Erdman

P152 - Reliability of Serial Volumetrics for Brain Volume Estimation Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Caleb Ross Price

P154 - Effect Of Antithrombotic Medications On The Severity And Prognosis Of Subdural Hematomas
Presenting Author: David J. Robinson

P156 - Cervical Spine Clearance in Obtunded Patients in the Neurologic Intensive Care Unit Without MRI
Presenting Author: Andrew Platt

P158 - The Effect of Red Blood Cell Transfusion on Partial Brain Tissue Oxygenation in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review.
Presenting Author: Ronald Alvarado-Dyer

P160 - A Thromboelastography Platelet Mapping–Guided Reversal Algorithm Limits Platelet Transfusion in Older Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Study
Presenting Author: Monisha Anjali Kumar

P162 - Comparison between Marshall and Rotterdam CT scores in predicting outcome of patients with traumatic brain injury: A retrospective cohort study from Lower-Middle Income Country
Presenting Author: Ramdinal Aviesena Zairinal

P164 - TBI seizure prophylaxis practices in Canadian ICUs: a multicenter, observational cohort study
Presenting Author: David Williamson

P166 - The experience of patient/caregiver dyads after a moderate to severe TBI requiring ICU admission
Presenting Author: Natalie Paige Kreitzer

P168 - Methodological quality of systematic reviews addressing therapeutic hypothermia and/or cooling therapy for traumatic brain injury
Presenting Author: Bernardo Lembo Conde de Paiva

Neurosurgical and Peri-Operative Management

P170 - Effect of periprocedural systemic antibiotics on the incidence of infection following external ventricular drain placement
Presenting Author: Meghan Blais

P172 - A Rare Case of Bilateral Internal Carotid Artery Aneurysms Presenting as Trigeminal Neuralgia
Presenting Author: Syeda Maria Muzammil

P174 - Intra-arterial Treatment of Vasospasm Post-Open Craniotomy Resection of Pituitary Tumor
Presenting Author: Daniel M Schachter

Ischemic Stroke

P176 - The impact of chronic kidney disease on cerebral hemodynamics: A transcranial Doppler study
Presenting Author: Shivani Ghoshal

P178 - Effect of High Chloride Burden on Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients with Large Hemispheric Infarction
Presenting Author: Dong-Seok Gwak

P180 - What Are The Molecular Mechanisms Of Axon Degeneration in Stroke?
Presenting Author: Jack Tzu-Chieh Wang

P182 - Gastrointestinal Disorders and Risk of Future Arterial Thrombotic Events
Presenting Author: William Harrison Roth

P184 - Microembolic Signals Detected by Transcranial Doppler Predict Future Stroke and Poor Outcomes
Presenting Author: Alvin S. Das

P186 - Changes in Arginase Pathway After Neonatal Brain Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury
Presenting Author: Jana Krystofova

P188 - Intravenous Thrombolysis in Anticoagulated and Thrombocytopenic Ischemic Stroke Patients
Presenting Author: Nobl Barazangi

P190 - Outcome of Thrombectomy in Stroke Due to Infective Endocarditis: A Multi-center Case Series
Presenting Author: Anna Marisa Cervantes-Arslanian

P192 - Safety and efficacy of Sonothrombolysis with Tenecteplase for acute ischemic stroke- ‘The TNK-tPA Blast’ study
Presenting Author: Sivakumar Mambakkam Rajappa

P194 - Severe Symmetric Quadriparesis As A Clinical Symptom of Delayed Cerebral Ischemia in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Case Report
Presenting Author: Michael M Gezalian

P196 - Predicting Posterior Fossa Stroke in Patients with Dizziness: Establishing a Clinical Scoring Scale
Presenting Author: Stanislav Naydin

P198 - Successful Stenting of a Basilar Dissection in an Ehler’s Danlos Patient
Presenting Author: Elisabeth Klouda

P200 - Prevalence and Epidemiological Analysis of Stroke Mimics in a Stroke Unit.
Presenting Author: Luiz Dalfior Junior

P202 - Two Cases of spontaneous bilateral vertebral artery dissection
Presenting Author: Hee-Jung Song

P204 - Therapeutic hypothermia for malignant hemispheric infarction: an exceptionally successful case without craniectomy
Presenting Author: Sang-Won Han

P206 - Comparative Analysis of the Intrinsic Properties of a Stroke Mimics Prediction Score
Presenting Author: Luiz Dalfior Junior

P208 - Anterior versus Posterior Circulation Stroke Outcomes After Mechanical Thrombectomy
Presenting Author: Matthew Bower

Intracerebral Hemorrhage

P210 - Systemic inflammatory response syndrome and long-term outcome after intracerebral hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Joji B. Kuramatsu

P212 - Factor Xa Inhibitors Reversal with Andexanet Alfa versus Four-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in Intracranial Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Abdalla A. Ammar

P214 - 4F-PCC for Reversal Of Direct Oral Anticoagulant-associated Traumatic Subdural Hematoma: Impact on Hematoma Expansion and Outcomes
Presenting Author: Dana Klavansky

P216 - Clinical Predictors of Prolonged Length of Stay in Intensive Care Unit in Patients with Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage.
Presenting Author: Andy Loggini

P218 - Factors associated with intracranial hemorrhage requiring neurosurgical intervention in pediatric patients with ventricular assist devices
Presenting Author: Elizabeth Mayne

P220 - 4F-PCC for Reversal Of Direct Oral Anticoagulant-associated Intracranial hemorrhage: Impact on Hematoma Expansion and Outcomes
Presenting Author: Dana Klavansky

P222 - Perihematomal edema volume is associated with hemorrhage volume and surface area, but not tissue water uptake
Presenting Author: Anirudh Sreekrishnan

P224 - Surgery Does Not Improve Outcomes and Prolongs Length of Stay in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Kareem M. Elzamly

P226 - Differences in Admission Blood Pressure amongst Etiologies of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Jessica Lin

P228 - NIHSS versus GCS as a Predictor of Six-Month Functional Outcome in Intracerebral Hemorrhage Patients
Presenting Author: Neha S. Dangayach

P230 - Characteristics of Patients with Deep Venous Thrombosis after Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Rahul Damani

P232 - Triage Model For Inter-Hospital Transfer Of Low Risk ICH Patients
Presenting Author: Safa Kaleem

P234 - Early Breathing Changes and Outcomes after Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Shannon Hextrum

P236 - Saving the Brain and the Baby: A Case of a Pregnant Woman with Moyamoya disease
Presenting Author: Ronald Alvarado-Dyer

P238 - Experience with Andexanet Alfa for Reversal of Factor Xa Inhibitor Associated Intracerebral Hemorrhage at a Large Academic Medical Center
Presenting Author: Basit Rahim

P240 - Rates of Infections and Clinical Outcomes after Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Rahul Damani

P242 - Interfacility Transport of Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage in a Rural Health System
Presenting Author: Robert Hendry

P244 - Factors Affecting the Development Of Acute Renal Failure After Intracerebral Hermorrhage
Presenting Author: Chethan Venkatasubba Rao

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

P246 - Nodal Perfusion in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Preliminary Findings
Presenting Author: Sarah Nelson

P248 - Day 1 variables that are associated with worse outcomes
Presenting Author: Huy Tran

P250 - Safety of Intraventricular Milrinone Administration in Patients with Refractory Vasospasm secondary to Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Naresh Mullaguri

P252 - Transcranial Doppler Monitoring in Non-aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Danuel Snelgrove

P254 - Proteomic Profiling Reveal Potential Plasma Markers For Delayed Cerebral Ischemia After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: HuiMahn Alex Choi

P256 - The Use of Standardized Management Protocols for Critically Ill Patients with Non-traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Shaurya Taran

P258 - Steroids Have Limited Effects on Headache in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients
Presenting Author: Matthew N. Jaffa

P260 - The Modified Fisher Scale Lacks Inter-Rater Reliability
Presenting Author: Christopher Melinosky

P262 - Cisternal Drainage for the Management of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Joel Kaye

P264 - Quantitative volumetric analysis by MR Perfusion predicts symptomatic cerebral proximal artery vasospasm in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
Presenting Author: Kassi Kronfeld

P266 - Episode of transient, spontaneously resolving obstructive hydrocephalus requiring no intervention
Presenting Author: Victoria L. Watson

P268 - Pseudo-subarachnoid Hemorrhage And Contrast Induced Encephalopathy After CT Myelogram: A Clinical Quagmire
Presenting Author: Maria Shoaib


P270 - New-onset “super” refractory status epilepticus: A single-center retrospective study
Presenting Author: Elizabeth Matthews

P272 - Ketamine Use for the Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus
Presenting Author: Ayham Alkhachroum

P274 - Analysis of an Automated Seizure Detector Compared to Continuous EEG Review for Nonconvulsive Seizure Detection in the Neuroscience ICU
Presenting Author: Safa Kaleem

P276 - Differentiation of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Attacks from Status Epilepticus Among Patients Intubated for Convulsive Activity
Presenting Author: Stephan A. Mayer

P278 - Pregabalin As Adjunctive Treatment For Symptomatic Cyclic Seizures In Neurocritically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Carolina Maciel

P280 - Impact on medical staff of revised neurocritical care hands-on seminar held in Japan.
Presenting Author: Satoshi Egawa

P282 - Seizures in Subdural Hematoma: A Single Center Experience
Presenting Author: Kareem M. Elzamly

P284 - Refractory Status Epilepticus Following Inadvertent Intrathecal Administration of Tranexamic Acid
Presenting Author: Elizabeth Carroll

P286 - Neurological Monitoring by Continuous EEG (cEEG) : Situation of the ICUs in Colombia
Presenting Author: Camilo Nicolás Rodríguez

P288 - Relapsing status epilepticus due to hashimoto encephalopathy
Presenting Author: Rohan Sharma

Pediatrics, CNS Infections/Inflammatory

P290 - Higher DAI Grade Correlates With Worse Short Term Outcome In Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenting Author: Anna Janas

P292 - Multifocal Necrotizing Leukoencephalopathy in the setting of Influenza Infection
Presenting Author: Devin J. Burke

P294 - Sleep Wake Disturbances in Children Surviving Neurocritical Care with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review
Presenting Author: Madison Luther

P296 - Neurogenic Shock: A Rare Presentation of Neurosarcoidosis
Presenting Author: Fajun Wang

P298 - A Case Report of Survival of a 20-year-old male with Rapidly Progressive PACNS
Presenting Author: Edith Graham

P300 - Cranial Ultrasound and Transcranial Doppler Can be a Useful Tool to Screen Patients for Cerebral Edema Evaluation and Management in Pediatric Intensive Care
Presenting Author: Collin Herman

P302 - West Nile Virus Destroys Long Motor Tracts
Presenting Author: Nate Leibu

Emerging and Misc. Topics

P304 - Ultrasound Confirmation Of Central Venous Catheter Placement In Neurocritically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Jeremiah Olivas

P306 - Volume-Based Enteral Nutrition in the Neurocritical Care Unit
Presenting Author: Joan M. Walsh

P308 - Serious Illness Communication Simulation for Neurology Residents- A Pilot Study
Presenting Author: Marcey L. Osgood

P310 - Neurologic complications in the Boston Medical Center Endocarditis Registry, 2017-2019
Presenting Author: Erin Barnes

P312 - Neurological Emergency Response Team
Presenting Author: Caitlin Harley

P314 - An Unusual Etiology of Acute Ascending Weakness With Respiratory Failure
Presenting Author: Alan Nova

P316 - Improving The Navigation Design Of A Digital Decision Aid For Surrogate Decision-Makers Of Critically Ill Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Using Eye Tracking Technology: A Single-Masked Randomized Study
Presenting Author: Susanne Muehlschlegel

P318 - Clinical Score to Predict the Risk of Neurotoxicity after CAR T Cell Therapy
Presenting Author: Daniel B. Rubin

P320 - Prognostic Uncertainty In Neurologic Emergencies: What Families Need And Physicians Say
Presenting Author: Kelsey Jones

P322 - A Case of Meningoencephalomyelitis Associated with an Auto-antibody to Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) in Astrocytes
Presenting Author: Elizabeth Callan

P324 - Neurocritical Care Physicians Survey of Training Experience & ABPN Certification
Presenting Author: Avni Kapadia

P326 - Evaluating Adverse Outcomes Associated with Hypertonic Saline in a Neuroscience Intensive Care Population
Presenting Author: Elisabeth Donahey

P328 - Evaluation of speakership patterns in the Neurocritical Care Society across a 3-year time span to explore opportunities to improve diversity
Presenting Author: Shweta Goswami

P330 - Resident Bootcamp for Neurological Emergencies at a Military Residency Program
Presenting Author: Kelsey Cacic